I am Gideon!

I pretty much just sat back laughing while I read the story of Gideon. A very honest man I must tell you, while reading closely I tried to pay intricate detail to the patterns The Holy Spirit left off. If you read His story from the end and back to the top, you will most certainly be sure Gideon was a really fit guy! Very fit, muscular - macho in today's colloquial term but guess what?! he was not, not even close! Why Did God still choose Gideon? Let me give you a backdrop of Gideons Story! God had saved the children of Israel from Egypt and brought them into the promised land, finally these people were settled and happy but you know what?! They forgot about God and started out by worshipping idols. This single act made God angry at them (Judges 6-8) and He caused the Medianites and all their neighbors to trample on them, not too long they cried to God for a savior again and this was how Gideon came in the picture. I can't even imagine the expression on Gide

Meet the Founder of Churchonthestreet -Itofa Ivarah

How marvelous is our God! Church on the street is almost a year old. ChurchOnTheStreet is a christian humanitarian organization helping children in Africa, Asia and South America. At 19! A phenomenal young man Itofa Ivarah founded this awesome Organization. God literally breathed upon her works. Today we have well over a hundred volunteers and God keeps pushing us. God made every single individual to be an answer to somebody's prayer. You are a blessing my friend ❤❤

The Ride

This journey of writing has been one of the most heartfelt experiences I have ever had. The adrenaline I feel after publishing a new article is always second to none; I just sit here trusting God and waiting to see how it’s going to be a blessing to the lives of the readers and then the testimonies and feedback comes along! Praise God! At the time of writing this piece, today makes it 446 days in the University of Benin as an undergraduate. This journey so far is like a cataclysmal explosion, the whole process of gradually becoming a man has just being panning out bit by bit and God has always being here literally holding my hands and leading me every step of the way. The lessons I have being learning are invaluable, if there is one edge I have over folks around my age or in my ‘peer group’ is the Jesus I know! You get Jesus and everything is settled. In my article ‘big one nine’ I wrote about my journey of meeting Jesus, how my dad clearly told a thirteen

The Ephesians 5 man

Jenny Chisom Blog: Jerry Flowers: Be the Ephesians Chapter 5 Man

Dimension of gods!

Dimension of gods! Dimension of gods was the message that was taught in church this past Sunday and just sitting to listen to the pastor talk about this great subject was a wake-up call for young Mr. Itofa I don’t have the habit of plagiarizing peoples piece or message and turning it into my own therefore, I am going to be given this subject my own interpretation and what the Holy Spirit has been teaching me… so, take a deep breath as I take you through the journey of the dimension of gods . For a very long time now science has been trying to prove the ‘ non-existentialism of God'; a theory known as the spontaneous regeneration postulated by Aristotle was one of those theories that was put forward. It states that everything living came to birth by itself; life is inherent (paraphrasing).   I have carefully and intricately studied this pattern, every time science tries to disprove the existence of God they come to a dead-end. It has remained an enigm

Hash Tag ChurchOnTheStreet

   Image credit: TheGodCulture Team For the past couple of days God has been laying this in my heart. To start a movement called hash tag ChurchOnTheStreet , it has been very pertinent in my heart; the bible tells us in (Mtt 9:37) ‘Then saith He unto His disciples, the harvest truly is plenteous but the laborers are few’ . I usually hate having to watch a movie twice but I couldn’t help it when I first saw war room, Annie and God is not dead 1& 2. I was seeing God is not dead for the fourth time and just watching it again for the umpteenth time ignited such great faith in my spirit and it makes me proud to be a believer of our Lord Jesus Christ… most times I can’t just help it but fall on my knees and bless God for saving a straying sinner like myself, I often wonder what trajectory my life would have taken if there was no Jesus to give it a meaning in fact, tears of joy will intermittently roll every time I think about such a doting father! The great commi


image credit: getty image Life is full of so many tough lessons some of which we get to discover on time and others we learn later as life unfolds. I was pretty excited to return home for the holiday after spending almost a year away from home. On my return I came to see a lot of big change that had taken place in fact all the kids I left behind have become grownups, the exciting thing about this phase for me was the relationship I was able to build with God and there was a lot of self discovery which blew my mind away… I discovered I was a people’s person and could hold a pretty long conversation with almost anyone which made sharing Jesus with people in school so easy!! Before university phase I thought I was a grown man in God, until I learnt about the nepios and houis Christians. Nepios are still babes in Christ and Houis have become sons of God (matured in Christ), not just sons but legitimate ones, these was one of the many things God started teaching me and